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Choosing the right violin for a student is key to his or her enjoyment and success with the instrument. Erwin Otto Violins are an excellent choice for the beginner or advanced student. Erwin Otto Violins, a Division of RS Berkeley Instruments, is one of the largest suppliers of stringed instruments in the world. Erwin Otto Violins offer unparalleled quality of sound and playability in their student through advanced instruments. Each Violin is professionally set up and adjusted to MENC specifications by a team of Luthiers, making for easy tuning and optimum playability. Erwin Otto Violins come in 6 sizes, from full size (4/4) down to 1/16 size to accommodate children of all ages and dimensions. 

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"We bought the Nagoya Suzuki Violin 220 for our 8 year old son who just started violin lessons. What a great purchase this has been! The outfit came with everything we needed to get started and the violin fit him perfectly. His teacher was very impressed with the sound quality of the violin."

Consumer Review

"I purchased the Erwin Otto 8022 Violin after it had been recommended by my daughters teacher. We are extremely impressed with the quality of the sound. This violin looks and sounds beautiful and is a perfect choice for an advancing beginner."

Consumer Review

"We are very impressed with the quality of the Suzuki Violin NS20 Package. We purchased the Little Kids Instrument bundle package and it included everything our grandson needed to get started from book to stand."

Consumer Review

Erwin Otto 8011 Beginner Violin | Little Kids Instruments

Erwin Otto 8011 Violin

Erwin Otto 8011 Violin
This high quality Handcrafted Violin is a complete violin outfit and is available in all sizes. Highly recommended by music educators, the Erwin Otto brand provides a standard of excellence not found in many other beginner violins. Features: Carved spruce top - solid flamed maple back, sides, & neck - warm rich brown color - full ebony trim - 4 fine tuners - D'Addario Prelude strings - includes Meisel 7201 Brazilwood horsehair bow and lightweight zipper case - 4/4 - 1/32
Suzuki Violins are made in Nagoya, Japan and have become the standard of quality & value in fractional sized string instruments. All of our Nagoya Suzuki Violins are shop adjusted in the United States
Student Violins | Suzuki Violin 220
Student Violins | Erwin Otto 8015 Violin
This Benjamin Brittania violin is perfect for the student musician. It features hand carved solid Spruce top, maple back and sides, beautiful inlaid purfling, varnish finish, full Ebony hardware.
Student Violins | Benjamin Brittania

Additional Beginner Violins

List Price: $505.00
Sale Price: $295.00
Sale Price: $365
Sale Price: $330.00
Sale Price: $159.00
If you are looking for a beginner violin you have came to the right place! We have carefully chosen a selection of student violins and beginner violins that are at a decent quality as well as an affordable price range that is acceptable for the beginner. All of our violins are shop adjusted in the United States to assure optimum playability. Before offering any beginner violin our team of luthiers carefuly inspects each instrument by studying the sound and tone, playability, and consistency of the entire outfit. We offer a full range of violins outfits as well as starter packages that include all the accessories your budding musician will need to get started. 
Erwin Otto 8015 4/4 violin outfit. The 8015 violin is a Romanian made instrument featuring a solid carved spruce top with maple back and sides
Teacher's Choice! The Erwin Otto 8022 Violin comes highly recommended by teachers nationwide. This Violin Outfit offers an unparalleled quality of sound and playability in an entry level instrument.
Student Violins | Erwin Otto 8022 Violin
Student Violins | Suzuki Violin NS20
Butterfly Dream Lavender violin outfit. This exceptional violin features exceptional artwork rendered by top artists.
Student Violins | Pink Butterfly Violin
Sale Price: $380.00
Sale Price: $395.00
Sale Price: $199.00
The Model NS20 Nagoya Suzuki was introduced as manufacturing techniques changed. It carries the same quality standard as the Model 220 with only a few alterations.
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